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Sandfire Dragon Ranch, Inc is a herpetocultural research and breeding facility.  Founded in 1993 by renowned herpetoculturist Robert (Bob) Mailloux, Sandfire applies ethical and sustainable practices to produce high-quality reptiles and amphibians.  Bob is responsible for developing the commercial breeding of bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and is the originator of the beautiful and well-known Sandfire morph. He is also a pioneer in the husbandry and captive production of amphibians, including White's tree frogs (Ranoidea caerulea), Chacoan waxy monkey frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagii), and many other species. He is co-author of The Bearded Dragon Manual and numerous other books and articles, and continues to innovate in the managed care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians.

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For orders or inquiries, please email us directly: sandfiresales (at) gmail dot com.


For orders or questions on our stock, please email us directly: sandfiresales (at) gmail dot com.

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