Enter The Newt

Enter The Newt

Welcome to the Kaiser’s Newt blog! With this blog we will follow the care and keeping of a juvenile Kaiser’s Newt from Sandfire Dragon Ranch.

Toothless, the Kaiser’s Newt:

This is Toothless. I am not sure if Toothless is male or female. I won’t know for a while and it really doesn’t matter for anyone wanting a great pet. Both genders will be just as enjoyable.

Kaiser's Newt from Sandfire Dragon Ranch

“Toothless” the Kaiser’s Newt joins our family. Yes, the kids named him and yes they love How to Train Your Dragon.


Getting Set Up:

Dragon Strand Aquatic Vivarium Cube

The Dragon Strand Aquatic Vivarium Cube is actually a paludarium which means it contains both water and land. It is available here on the Sandfire Dragon Website. You can use a wide range of other housing options for the Kaiser’s Newt. This one, though, comes out of the box set up and ready to use. It is a perfect solution for a busy family that is not experienced enough yet to put together a cage from scratch or just would rather skip the step of constructing a cage.

My journey with Toothless actually started a week before he was shipped to me. I got a Dragon Strand Aquatic Vivarium Cube which made cage set-up easy.


I literally took the “cube” out of the box, added water, and plugged it in. That as pretty easy! But I wanted to make sure everything was working and the water was “settled” before I introduced my newt so I did it a week ahead of time. I used drinking water to avoid the hard minerals and chemicals found in my tap water. Please do not use tap water directly as the chlorine added to municipal drinking water is not good for your newt.  If you must use tap water let it sit for a day or two so all the harmful gasses can dissipate.  The Aquatic Cube is mostly a water feature, but with a cave and above water area for the newt to get out of the water. Kaiser’s Newts can be fully aquatic, but it is good to always have a land area that they can crawl out on. I have heard they tend to go through a terrestrial stage at about one year old and then return to the water. So I’ll make sure he has his options available.


I did not put any lighting on the Aquatic Cube as the plants are plastic and the nocturnal Kaiser’s Newt does not need lighting. There is ambient light in the room and that should be enough. I may introduce live plants later and, if I do, I will add the LED/Light Hood option available for this cage.

Toothless Arrives!

Toothless came to me via overnight shipping packed in a cup of sphagnum moss. He was bright and alert coming out and I placed him on the land portion of the Aquatic Cube with some of the sphagnum moss in case he wanted to hide. The Aquatic Cube has an underwater cave for him to hide in underwater and if he showed that he was going to spend time hiding on the land I figured I would get a more substantial item for the land portion. Maybe a heat sanitized piece of bark.


My Kaiser’s Newt arrived overnight packed in an insulated box


And here is the little guy’s traveling container.









Presenting, Toothless! Really. Can he get any cuter?

Toothless Settles In:

But Toothless showed no signs of hiding. In fact, just the opposite, he took to climbing the glass walls and I found him constantly testing the boundaries of his cage. I was worried that he just would not be happy. But three days later he had settled in and made his hang out the underwater cave. Whew! Now he leisurely swims around or walks on the bottom of the “pond”. I will still get that piece of bark just in case he decides he’d like to come up on land and hide under something.  The rock “structure” in the Aquatic Cube is actually a piece of specialized foam so the land area will be moist from the foam holding water.  It should provide a very nice vacation area if he wants to explore terrestrial life.


Make a note to tell Sandfire not to show Spiderman on movie night.


Toothless finally settles in and chills at the bottom. The cave in the background is his favorite hang out.











My kids and I are having a great time watching this little guy go about his day. What a beautiful newt and a fascinating experience!

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